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With the combination of CO2 (Amada-Japan) and Fiber (Salvagnini-Italy) laser technologies, we have almost eliminated the limitation of cutting various kind of materials. We are capable of producing laser cut items from Mild steel, Galvanium, Stainless steel, Galvanised MS, Aluminium, Brass,Copper, Titanium etc.

Also with the application of best Autonesting software we provide our customer benefits in terms of material saving, Fast processing, and shortest delivery schedule.

Laser cutting offers manufacturers substantial time and cost advantages over conventional punching and stamping; tooling and set up costs are minimised, excellent material efficiencies can be achieved. Whether it is engineering or industrial components, automotive parts, signage and artwork or structural, Gorasia Industries experienced technical team are qualified to provide the complete laser cutting service. CNC Laser cutting sheetmetal has a low impact on material structure, provides a number of edge finishing options and can incorporate operations such as drilling and slotting during the cutting process, avoiding costly additional work.

Gorasia Industries has an in-house engineering team who ensure all CNC laser cut parts produced are accurate and of excellent quality. Details of your projects are maintained on the company's database, once programmed, CNC laser cut parts can be recalled from the database and nested at any time utilising a part nesting program which maximises material yields.

Gorasia Industries  utilises the latest laser cutting service technology in computer CNC laser cutting to deliver a level of detail and quality beyond all expectations.

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